The property industry has evolved tremendously in the past few years, and we understand that it might have become slightly overwhelming for most of us. Not only do we feel unsure of who to talk to and where, but we also have to think about what agency and which site to look at. To elevate this stress, we’ve created a property hub and obtained as many property listings as possible to help make your journey as smooth as we possibly can. 

Due to recent events, we now know the importance of loving our home. It is not enough anymore to live somewhere where we aren’t happy. Our lives have become dependent on our homes. Therefore we need to take care of our well-being. Now, more than ever, it’s vital that we feel comfortable in our homes. These past few years, we’ve found out that our home isn’t just a place where we sleep and eat, but a place to call our own, somewhere to connect, relax, work and create memories. 

Our vision for the Real Estate Market is to ease the process of finding your future investment as we believe finding your property should be an enjoyable and exciting experience. Why go through hundreds of websites when you can visit just one?

When building the website, we only had the consumer in mind, and we promise that will always be the case as the Real Estate Market will be a free portal for property seekers forever. We aim to do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

The website is efficient and easy to use, having a user-friendly search option as you enter the site. There, you can select the type of property, locality, as well as price ranges, making sure you find what you’re looking for instantly. The website features all kinds of properties from different agents, assuring you will find something you like. Once a property piques your interest, you can directly communicate with the agent taking care of the listing, making Real Estate Market a one-stop-shop for property buying.

Real Estate Market is administered by the Estate Agents Section with the MDA and is now collaborating with Property Malta.

We want to take care of the people on both ends of the property market. Help those buying their property as well as assist the people looking to move on from there’s. That’s why our new collaboration with Property Malta excited us immensely. 

With the Property Malta collaboration, our customer’s listings can be viewed by the local market and be promoted to other countries. In doing so, a listing will have a higher chance of being sold or rented as it also reaches buyers interested in investing in Malta, making it a fantastic opportunity with a lot of promise. 

Behind Real Estate Market is a small team of dedicated PropTech experts wanting to make great strides in the local property market. We will stay determined to improve the market and your experience within it. We’re here to improve the game!

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