Among the many different properties one can buy, On-plan seems to be one of the types people know about the least. That’s why we listed the top 4 reasons why you should consider buying On-plan.

Cheaper Prices

It is well-known that properties On-plan tend to be cheaper than ready-built properties. However, did you know the reasoning behind it? Many developers give discounts for planned properties, so they have the capital to start construction. Many developers are flexible with deposits, which is an excellent solution for younger individuals looking to invest in property.

Property purchased at a lower price doesn’t only mean more money to spend on furnishings and finishings, but it also means a more significant investment once it’s built. The property’s price will increase to the property market as soon as it’s made. Overall, property on plan will yield significant profits regardless of whether you’re buying it as your future home, as a rental, or resell in the future. 


When a project is yet to start construction, plans can easily be changed to accommodate the buyer. You’re able to meet up with the architect and design the space how you see fit. There are some caveats to this; however, the architect and project managers will tell you what can be done. 

A good layout means different things to different people, and the beauty of an empty slate is that you get to decide where the kitchen goes, how many electrical plugs you need and where. 

Like purchasing shell, buying on plan gives you options to purchase items you genuinely like. You don’t have to live with tiles you don’t fancy or walls you would like to repaint. Everything will be to your liking and custom to your lifestyle.


When buying on plan, it’s good to note that you’ll be waiting a while until the property is developed. Time would depend on individual projects; however, it’s good to keep in mind that you won’t be ready to move in within the year for most cases. However, take this as an opportunity, as loans tend to start once the building is finished. Therefore you’ll have a lot more time to save money for finishings and furnishings before the loan begins. 


Seeing everything being built is a huge advantage from your end. You’ll be able to take complete control of your property. The importance of seeing everything laid out properly is often overseen. You’ll be able to know right away if plumpings are done correctly, if the switches are askew and if the tiling is done correctly. Although this might sound like a daunting task to some, the risk for surprises in the future is minimised.

We genuinely believe that if you trust the developer with the project, buying On-plan is one of the best investments you can make. Have a look at what we currently have on plan, and we hope you’ll find your beautiful home

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